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Many people may not know this, but when it comes to soaps, there’s more than meets the eye. One of the most debated soap topics relies on the fact that foam is considered as the key factor.
Handmade soaps are becoming more and more popular, and this is the reason why the FromAlpaCentauri Company has decided to create high quality soaps
In this article, our goal is not to compare foams. Our goal is to bring detailed information about the topic of soap lather to help people understand more, and for them to figure out which kind of soap is better for their skin.
By the end of our article, you will be able to comprehend the importance of ingredients in soap making.
But this is not the only important topic that we will discuss. We will also inform you in regards to the way we work to provide you with unique soap designs and the sections that you will encounter in our online shop.
this is your chance to be abducted by unknown races, coming from outer space

Types of foams in handmade soaps

There are soaps that produce more foam than others. This depends on the type of oil that was used in the process, and also in the molecular composition of the oils.
The more the oil is used, the more lather the soaps will have. To clarify this, we must tell you the entire process behind making soaps.
What’s important here is the saponification index of oils. They play an important role, and through this index we can know the amount of potassium hydroxide that is required to saponify a certain amount of each type of oil. This process is the one that allows the transformation of oil into soap.
Two of the most common ingredients in soap making, are coconut and olive oil. The saponification index of olive oil is 135 while the coconut oil is 185
The saponification index of coconut oil is higher because the molecules weigh less. That means that if we use coconut oil, there will be more molecules to produce additional foam
Besides these oils, the process of making soaps includes ingredients such as sugar, alcohol and glycerin. Sugar, besides acting over superficial tension, helps create more foam. This means that by using sugar, the amount of lather will increase.
If we use olive oil to make soaps, the type of foam that will appear is going to be dense and creamy. Meanwhile, coconut oil’s lather will be abundant.
Other oils such as avocado oil have the tendency of producing slippery foam and neem oil, similarly to olive oil, produces creamy foam.
We find ourselves in the need to discuss this topic. When we are making soaps, we need to make sure that the oils are always cold-pressed, because the fruit seeds are squeezed during the process.
Without the application of solvents or heat, the seeds retain their vitamins, and by the end of the process, soaps will have these vitamins.
Another excellent oil that is often used in the process of making soaps, is the jojoba oil. The kind of foam produced by this oil is soft, so this means your skin will be smoother by the end of the cleansing process.
Now that we have specified the types of foams that handmade soaps are able to produce, we are going to talk about the myth of lather.


This bar of soap is based on a movie, would you like to guess which one? the clue is in the name of the soap

Lather myth

A common belief says that foam is what makes the difference in soap shopping. This is not entirely true, because foam has nothing to do in soap efficiency. It does have a role in the action of cleaning, but there are times when lather is not needed at all.
Foaming is aided by certain foaming additives that are added to the formula, and it is very normal to compare the foaming ability to cleaning quality.
The molecules that are found in soaps are made of two parts, an apolar one that is made of a long chain of carbon that resembles glue which is completely neutral but it is capable of attracting fat, and the head part.
The head part consists of an electrically charged ionic end that resembles water. They are opposite parts and when joined, they form a molecular bond in micelles, and in this particular moment, soap and water molecules combine.
Many soaps make a lot of foam when used, and they tend to contain higher amounts of sulfates, and this is a synthetic surfactant that people are exposed to daily.
In addition, unfiltered water will not only cause us to be in contact with unwanted chemical elements, but it won’t let us clean our skin properly.
Water is strictly connected to soaps. When we wash our hands we use either cold or hot water, and depending on the water, our soaps will have different results.
If we use hot water, the fat will be dissolved, so when rubbing the soap, the particles that are added to the material or surface, will be dissolved quicker and there will be a more profound cleaning.
On the contrary, with cold water more foam is produced, and this is because there is less dragging capacity of the water. The soap is able to remain longer and it produces foam.

Debunking the well-known myth

Like we mentioned earlier, foam is not the key element in soaps. Many people have bought our products and they have praised every single one of our products, to solidify our statements, we will present you a few models of soaps that you will find on our website.
First we have the Betelgeuse and this soap is made of olive oil which helps hydrate your skin, and coconut oil, which helps cleanse skin in a more natural way.
It is also made of almost sweet oil and mango butter. By purchasing this particular soap, the power of the universe will be in your hands.
Following the Betelgeuse, we have the incredible Egg Nebula, and this soap is made of ingredients like castor oil which produces soft lather. Besides castor oil, our Egg Nebula is made of sunflower and almond sweet oil, and all of these ingredients will provide your skin with a pleasant result.
Our Red Iron resembles a precious rock from space and it combines red with purple and blue to create an image of constant movement.
Just like our previous soaps, the Red Iron is made of castor and olive oil, and there will not be a greater combination than this one, because you will finally obtain the results you want.
Besides the Red Iron, we offer soap that we called Singularity. By purchasing this soap, you will obtain a small black hole to wash your skin with. The Singularity is one of the best products we have in store, and it is ideal for space lovers.
All the soaps we mentioned, share ingredients, for instance coconut oil and olive oil. Both ingredients produce foam, and with our products we are able to debunk the lather myth that makes people believe that soaps with little lather production are not good for the skin.
In addition to our mission to demonstrate that our soaps are good examples of why foam is overrated, we elaborate specific designs in every single one of our soaps. The Universe is our main inspiration, and we will help you understand the motives.

The universe and our designs

By visiting our shop section, you are going to notice that our soaps are different from any other online soap shop. We wanted to differentiate our products from any other, and this is the reason why we chose space and astronomy.
There are things we don’t understand about space, but one thing is certain, there´s nothing more beautiful than the planets, the stars and everything related to the never ending universe.
This is what motivates us to continue developing soap designs. We are deeply attracted to the colors, the shapes and the mysterious things that are hidden in space, and we use the best examples to make our soaps. Ordinary designs are boring and we are very aware of this.
Our soaps are varied; you will encounter designs that are similar to burning planets, soaps that resemble space rocks and soaps that are based on stars and black holes.
There will be more designs for you to discover, and we will continue using the space as inspiration. Our clients have stated that our products have helped them obtain a softer skin, and this has been our main motivator.

The focus of our soaps

FromAlpaCentauri in addition to universe based soaps has the mission to provide you with excellent merchandise. Everything in our online shop is presented to you with a unique balance between skin cleansing soaps and hydrating soaps.
Not only will you obtain small parts of the universe, you will gain excellent soaps to wash your body with and to give soaps for every person you know.
Clean cleansing is very important, and if you made it this far, you probably have the sufficient knowledge to select a soap that is perfect for your skin.
What we offer you is 100% handcrafted. Every one of the soaps of ours is an inimitable product, because we dedicate our time to study and combine new ingredients which improve our recipes. In our shop you will encounter oils like castor oil, olive oil and sunflower oil.
Butter is included in the list. We offer mango butter, shea butter and cocoa butter. Mango butter is highly recommended in treating skin imperfections like wrinkles, meanwhile, shea butter is recommended because of its incredible hydrating properties.
Cocoa Butter contains properties that help get rid of fat and toxins that tend to accumulate in various areas of your skin.
The exotic ingredients we have in store are Himalayan pink and this ingredient helps treat acne. Rose Powder is another exotic ingredient of ours, and it is capable of acting against aging.
Lastly, the cores of our soaps are based on the most precious liquid on Earth, water. Sodium hydroxide is also included, and this is the key ingredient.
By using sodium hydroxide, our teams are capable of fuse water and oils, what leads to our magnificent soaps.
As you can see, foam comes in different types, and the ingredients that you use will make the difference in the process. Try one of our soaps and we promise you that you won’t regret it. We have the best online prices and the best soaps.
We have something extra for you. We have free samples for you, and they are perfect gifts for your friends.
Don’t let this opportunity slip away and obtain mini samples in our store. Give your friends a nice gif for their skin and visit our soap jewelry section.
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