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Frequently asked questions


We are Artists, Fine Arts is our language. Each Essence Color and Ingredients are selected and designed from the ground up. The label design, the packaging, even the photographs, everything to guarantee YOU the Greatest Satisfaction.
Yes, we always offer FREE samples with every purchase, no matter the size or quantity of the order.
Fragrance is an important part of our identity, it makes us unique and gives each bar of soap its own personality. The search for new and exotic fragrances is a task we take seriously. It is important that our fragrances come from places that offer security. Our skin is the largest organ, and it absorbs everything we put into it. We never use external products to make the fragrance last longer in the soaps. With the free samples that we offer with each purchase, you will have the opportunity to try different fragrances without even buying the products.
That is a good question. Many people associate the amount of lather and bubbles that a soap produces with the quality of the soap. Soaps with high oil content do not produce much lather, but they are very hydrating, soaps that produce a lot of lather, have less oil content and are more cleansing. The secret is to find a balanced recipe like ours. Our recipe has the perfect amount of each ingredient to produce a unique, silky and very creamy lather. It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality, and that’s our goal. We are constantly improving and testing new ingredients, to guarantee you complete satisfaction.
Of course, yes, although it depends on the size of the soap bar, and the conditions in which you keep it. If you keep it dry and away from water when you’re not using it, it can last even longer.
No, never use plastic to package the soaps. The beauty of our packaging is a handmade art. We the creators of fromalphacentauri come from the world of Fine Arts. We always keep in mind how important is the symbiosis between the Soap Bar and the packaging. There is nothing more exciting than receiving your soaps and being 100% satisfied with them.
Very good question, our soaps are not formulated to be antibacterial, but studies show that soaps made with the classic technique of (cold process) prevent bacteria and maintain good hygiene and are also made with healthy ingredients for the skin.
We are constantly learning about which ingredients are best for taking care of your skin. We created a place called stardust, where you can find all our ingredients with their properties and benefits. We create STAR POWDER, to help you understand what your loved ones are made of fromalphacentauri SOAP, bring to your skin the secrets of the Universe


We ship our packages via USPS.
Usually between 2 to 7 days, it depends on how far you are from our store, and the weather conditions of the moment. Keep in mind that fromalphacentauri Store is in the state of New York and in the winter months the roads turn dangerous, shipments may take a little longer.


We do not normally accept order cancellations or changes once an order has been processed. We are very sorry
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