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how to make soaps that look like jewelry

how to make soaps that look like jewelry
Many people in this world are fans of the topics that have to do with the Universe and science, since despite the fact that a large number of people have difficulty understanding these topics that are very complicated, the truth is that many things that study this branch are very beautiful.
For this reason, the FromAlphaCentauri company has decided to create soaps that have designs related to science and the Universe itself; these products are aesthetically beautiful, and many say they are excellent.

SOAPS on the Universe

The Universe is not something unnoticed by anyone and we all know that it exists; many even know some things concerning phenomena that have to do with this topic, such as planets, stars, supernovae, galaxies, among other interesting topics.
This company to its credit contemplates multiple cases of these phenomena that are beautiful to look at and portrays them in their soaps to later be commercialized.
They have a wonderful finish, with the theme of the Universe, durability and resistance of the best quality and made from materials suitable for the care and hygiene of the skin.
However, one of her latest batches has impressed many consumers, as they are jewelry soaps; In the form of necklaces, these soaps are allusive to the planets of Jupiter and Saturn, and have caused euphoria among many buyers.

Jewelry soaps on Jupiter and Saturn

These soaps in the form of necklaces are based on the proven scientific theory about the atmosphere of the planets of Jupiter and Saturn; These gaseous planets do not have an atmosphere like on Earth, but diamonds rain on them all the time.
FromAlphaCentauri created these Lime Basil Scented Soaps with Mango. It has sweet and spicy aromatic oils, as well as a mixture of citrus fruits that gives a touch of personality to its essence.
They come in different presentations and colors, allusive to these planets, and weigh between 2 to 3 ounces.

how jewelry soaps are made

Its recipes include sweet almond oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, olive oil, and mango, shea and cocoa butters. It also has a mass of sodium hydroxide, distilled water, glycerin soap and other ingredients of natural origin ideal for personal hygiene.
Their jewelry soaps do not contain palm oil. They are wrapped by hand one by one and more and more people decide to purchase one of these for their care.
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