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Imagine walking down the streets and people staring at you. Because of this we have to thank each day for soaps and more importantly, to the soap inventor.
In this article we will help you find out who the creator of soap was, and we will also talk about the various uses that soaps have had during history, and about the process of making soap.
Soaps are one of the greatest inventions of all time. Before soap we didn’t have a tool to help us clean our body and the way we smelled was awful.
The making of soaps dates at least 2.800 B.C. An archaeological excavation performed in Babylon helped figure out that soap was already a thing.
On various clay jars, the inscriptions were done with a mixture of boiled fats with ashes and water. In the ashes were found potash and caustic soda, two substances that can dissolve in water.
After dissolving in water, these two substances activate what is known as saponification. The first known recipe was made up of one quarter fat and six quarters potash and produces a compound of hydrophilic properties.
Back then this mix wasn’t appropriate for human use and it was only permitted on clothing.
Based on different articles from journalist Cody Cassidy, soap was invented by a woman who he called Nini.
This created character started using soap on textures, because soap’s main use back then was to clean textures. There have been many theories on the topic, but one of the most popular, is the one that states that it was a low class woman who invented soap.
She did it when she realized that mixing ashes and water when combined with wool fats, helped clean objects better. This is all based on speculations made by Cody Cassidy, who had to demonstrate with facts that the woman was real.
Even though the character called Nini was one of the most pivotal in the evolution of soap, the Babylonians and the Egyptians were the ones who discovered new ways of making soaps.
They were the ones that discovered that animal fat was a potential ingredient, and their results share basic properties as more modern soaps.
Combining animal fat with water and agitating, helped them create what we call lather, which can help remove dirt and skin imperfections. Now that you know more about the pioneers of soap making, we are going to talk about the first human uses of soap.
¡So, you will know then who invented the soup!
Before western people were able to use soap, Phoenicians were already using olive oil, and this is the origin of the famous Aleppo soap. This particular soap is made with lye and with olive oil and it is commonly used as a skin cleanser.
In Egypt the soap recipe was different. Egyptians used a solid paste containing natron and an ashes paste which led to foam production. These uses were both cosmetic and medical, however, only the upper classes had access to the cosmetic uses of soaps.
They used it to clean their skins and the soaps were reportedly prescribed by doctors. However, the specific benefits were not fully known at the time.
After being introduced into society, there was a discovery that helped understand that soap was able to eradicate skin and clothing imperfections.
Years after this, soap had become a highly requested product among rich people. The lower class wasn’t able to afford the product, while the highest class continued to utilize soap twice and even once a year. During this time, the use of soap became incredibly popular in medical appointments.
By the end of the 18th century, soap production decreased its popularity. The sales also decreased and in 1783 an accident occurred.
Chemist Carl Wilhelm caused a revolution in soap, and because of him, there was proof that olive oil boiled with a lead oxide, gives a substance called glycerin. This liquid alcohol is one of the two compounds which can be obtained when using simple fats.
In order to make soaps, you need to follow a specific list of supplies such as silicone spatulas, candy thermometer, silicone loaf mold and a container. Similarly to one of the first recipes that were found, we use saponification to create all of our products.
The traditional way of making soaps we need to make sure we are working in a safe environment, otherwise we will jeopardize our entire room and there won’t be soaps at all. In FromAlphaCentauri we follow the traditional way, and we use many common ingredients such as olive oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil.
By using natural ingredients and the old fashioned way, we are creating high quality products. A good example of this is our Imminent Collision. This soap is 100% handcrafted and the ingredients that we use are completely natural.
It’s made of distilled water, cocoa butter, and shea butter. Approaching the core is another one of our soaps, and just like Imminent Collision, it is 100% handcrafted and the list of ingredients includes mango butter, kaolin clay and natural tussah silk.
A third soap of ours is called Nacimiento de los Oscuros and it’s made with natural ingredients like kaolin clay and mango butter. These 3 soaps are not the only ones you will encounter on our online shop.
We have been working nonstop to provide you with the best kind of soaps, and our team of professionals has spent nights without sleep just to design our incredible catalogue of space based soaps, which we are very proud of.
Our commitment is with our clientele, and if you become one of our clients, you will be able to cleanse every single bad smell that your body produces.
Trust us, our soaps have the best scents, and you won’t have to wear cologne to go out, just wash your body with our products, and magic will come on its own.
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